Saturday, February 23, 2008


People change. Often. I've often wondered why I'm affected by changes in people. Over time, people have gone from being interesting to being uninteresting to being absolutely boring. They say that change is inevitable. I understand that. Why am I unable to accept it? That brings me to an important question: who has changed?

It is possible that I may have changed and that my preferences might have changed. Old habits now annoy me. I begin to see some people through their pretense and I realize some of them weren't pretending. There are people who are your friends for your help and some for what you might have. Very few people distinguish themselves as real friends. Why is this so? The whole concept of friendship seems lost on these people. Or am I living in a time that is past?

I think the concept of reality needs to change. I think I'll be happy when I weed out those I don't like. Unconventional approach but effective nonetheless.


Abstrakx Wanderings said...

hahahaha, jaise ki you sahanofy people you dont like you're talking

Aj said...


Abstrakx Wanderings said...

sahan karofy baba. miss me yet? lol

Shreyans Mehta said...

Victor Frankl was a fellow held by Nazis in a concentration camp. Like everyone else there, he thought he will be happy when he will be rescued from there and when he will get out of the camp. But one sudden day, he realized that if he wanted, he could be happy even in the camp, even while being tortured. How to behave with him was a choice that Nazis had, how he should behave back was his choice.

And that brings us to the real truth. The only time you can be happy is NOW! Because, you will keep meeting new people and keep thinking of whom to weed out and whom not to. Let others not affect your happiness!

Aj said...

Makes a lot of sense. Living in a certain way is our prerogative, a right that no one can take from us. The reason most of us (including me) are unhappy is because we tend to live in the past. We need to remember the past but live in the present to be happy. All this philosophy and I cant even follow my own advise. LOL.