Monday, June 4, 2007

Paisa Phenko.... Tamasha Dekho....

Went and finally saw spiderman 3. What a disaster? What were they thinking? Y'know what? I read comics. I used to believe spiderman was a witty and playful character with a wacky comment to go with every move. But... Tobey Maguire, now thats a different story. The first two movies were proof enough that he could not act for nuts and now we have a dark and mean Tobey doing bar dancing( that seriously calls for rehab - not sure if it was for the director or for Tobey ).

If that was not enough, Venom came, you blink and he's gone. Was awkward that the Sandman got more footage in than Venom. Well, at the end of the day, its just a movie. And, that movie sucks. Really looking forward to seeing FF2 : Rise of the Silver Surfer. Sounds like a good movie, though we have gotten used to the Surfer being a hero now. Well, no harm in a history lesson.

Anyone out here saw Pathfinder?? Well, if you haven't, good for you. That was one movie no one knew which way it was headed. The movie is about a bunch of viking invaders who go in 2 ( yes, two) ships and try invading the red indians. As fate would have it, a viking lad had been deserted a few years ago there. He grows up to become a brave. So apparently, he is the only one who knows the weaknesses of the invaders ( their weight ) and leads them along a treacherous, edge-of-mountain trail promising them wealth and them starts pushing them down. hoo boy. It took me all my attention(maxed to the peak) and wikipedia to figure this out. The action scenes were terrible and on the whole, this movie is a major no-show.
Aaaah yes, coming to hindi films. Saw TaraRumPum. I know, I am brave. My girl forced me to watch it. We originally planned to watch Spiderman3. Frankly, I dunno which was worse. While Spiderman 3 boasted of some good graphics, hell, TRPum had teddy bears and monkeys ( Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee) dancing to insipid songs. I'm sure some people liked watching a movie detailing a man's gutlessness( My gal did ), but it sure worked like a soporofic in my case. A near-total waste of time and money is my verdict( but the lady would not agree and so... does it matter? ).

This summer, so far the movies were utterly hopeless. planning to watch fool and final. Hope I don't go there and finally become a fool.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Have been busy trying to make the blog look good. I've taken pains to delve into something that just isn't my cup of tea: Java ( pardon the pun please! ). Well, I got a counter, a few links, videos and more coming soon. I wonder what I'm missing out on.
Was watching Jay Leno the other day. The man had some real awesome comments to make on Paris "Jailbird" Hilton. Heard that Ms. Hilton was preparing for her jail stint and that the sentence was messing her reputation ( huh ?) up. Leno says that if Nicole "Anorexic" Richie were to visit her in jail, she could easily turn sideways and walk in between the freakin bars. Hmm... theres a thought.
My bud, Tush noticed this hoarding outside the RTO. Layin an extra layer on the "wear your seatbelt" drive, the picture had a guy sitting in front of his computer on a regular chair.... but with a seat belt on. Now.... wtf was that all about? Were they having a office chair drag race. Well, talk about laying the rubber on this one.
It was Tushar's birthday yesterday and we had this small get-together. The discussions started to get intense as people started to get high. They had a heated argument on Mukesh Ambani's net worth. Would you believe it? Who the fuck cares? A guy called Avinash argued like his life depended on it and was even quoting figures and articles from google. Yeah right! Like thats the shit we'd like to hear when we get high. Then, the topic drifted to a war between Marwadi VS ( Sindhi + Panjabi ). Talk about a lame-brained argument. The guys did put forth some decent arguments; maybe not all software guys are dopes. Who knows? I aint one. \
Talking about Panjabis, heard this real nice one. Apparently, all the regular panjus ( up north ) have this lungi like thing they wear at the bottom. Apparently, heres how the panjabi would tell the temperature. If the temperature is about 15C, then the lungi would be till the ankles. At about 30C, it would be up to the ankles; at 45C, it gets dangerously close to terminal point ( watever ). Then someone asks, " praaji, what happens when it gets to 50C?". So, pat came the reply, " In case it gets to 50C, we just broadcast, " Aaaj Punjabi dekhna mana hai ".
Punjabi jokes have their own flavor eh? Someone please remind me not to ever say that.