Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flights of Fantasy

Its been nearly 6 long years since I've flown in a plane. Though the same excitement and rush to the head wasn't there, the trip to Chennai brought back some delightful memories. I was around 10 years old when I first flew from Hyderabad to Chennai. I remember eagerly waiting for the trip. I was very excited and overwhelmed by the plane to even have felt any air sickness.

The day finally came. It was then that my eyes feasted on the most beautiful scene ever. The plane slowly glided above the snow white clouds and flew above them. It seemed like a endless field of snow. I thought this might be what heaven must look like. I must have been so much simpler then. It was breathtaking. The air looked so pure and clean. When the flight cruised above the clouds, I started to relive my childhood, one memory at time. People tend to think they've grown out of their childhood and give up their old toys and fantasies. Life is nothing but a ride through the clouds - my flight of fantasy where the past meets the present - and I am complete... once again.