Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Its been raining real hard in Hyderabad these past two days. As I traveled in the cab, some pleasant memories fought their way to the surface. I just love the way the air smells just after it has rained. I remember running down to our garden after the rains. We'd have this huge puddle in the compound. I'd tear sheets out of my notes and make paper boats. I'd sit there staring at the way they bobbed around in the water as though I was predicting and controlling their motion. I remember sitting at the window and staring out, watching the rain pour. I was fascinated by the amount of rain falling. It used to be really cold and so I used love that snug feeling of staying home. I came back home and noticed that it had started to drizzle again. After many years, I rediscovered the joy of playing in the rain. We sure never needed reasons to be happy back then. I miss those days.