Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hyderabadi Lingo

Today's cab journey was very interesting. I had known J from before. I had just gotten to know M. I didn't know much about R though. We sat and talked out way through the huge traffic jam. We were trying to recollect all the Hyderabadi terms we knew. So, have you heard of 'Baingan'? As far as I know it, it is the hindi equivalent of 'Brinjal.' So, when we decide to contest what the other person claims, we say 'baingan.' lol... And then we have words like 'ghanta,' 'chindi chor,' and even 'butta.' What's butta you ask??? Well, butta is a... well, a corn. Yeah but you could use the word butta as an equivalent of the word 'rubbish.'

I love this language. Kya to bhi hai! I mean, from Ilias bhai to Salim Pheku, everyone speak in Hyderabadi. Hou phir, chindi choro ka adda hai mamu. Kya bolte tum? Butta!

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