Thursday, February 7, 2008

Him, Her and Them!

Why did it happen? It happened so fast. What was his part in it? And why are some questions so tough to answer. It was seemingly perfect. Fairy-tale like even. But, it ended. There was no big bad wolf in this story. Just two people in love. Did love push them apart? Can love even do that? Why did he let it happen? Relationships come and go; only people remain. This cruel irony called love wrought havoc untold and unseen on two true believers. This was not meant to happen.

He misses her a lot. His heart could not fathom the depth of love he had for her. She would miss him a lot too. It seemed so pointless to subject each other to such cruel fates. Love brought them together and eventually wedged them apart. He yearned for her. His feelings and emotions lay hidden beneath the layers of his personality. He smiled even if it was not required. His heart had taken a severe beating. He emerged a changed man. His trust in love was not lost. He knew just what he needed to do make his love last forever. Ironic it was that sacrificing his love for her was the only way he would learn. Somehow, secretly, he thought she knew that too.

"Come feed the rain,
Cause I'm thirsty for your love;
Dancing underneath the skies of lust.

Yeah, feed the rain,
Cause without your love, my life
Aint nothing but this carnival of rust."

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