Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why is it called chicken 65???

Whats with vegans and their habit of trying to convert people to vegetarianism? I had these two sweet girls trying their best to describe how chickens are cut and killed. My guess is that they were hoping this would put me off. Well, nice try though. I'm not trying to be boorish and all. I appreciate what these people are doing. People who argue that man started off as a non-vegetarian are obviously getting off on a wrong foot. While man did start off as a non-vegetarian, I would like to think vegetarianism as the next step in behavioral evolution.

But then, not having non-vegetarians in the food chain would be disastrous. Diseases like the bird flu would be rampant. Green pastures and forests would become barren and would end up as deserts. Who knows? I don't think I ever want to become a complete vegan or a vegetarian. I am very happy with my status as an omnivore and as Akx likes to call me, an animal.

In fact, I came across this rather funny tidbit today. Apparently, the Indian fast food dish, chicken 65 was named so because chickens that are 65 days old are used for making this dish (lol, rotfl and the like.) Yeah right. Since when have chickens started coming with birth certificates and all. From what I could find out, it is called so for four (reasonable) reasons.

1. The original recipe requires that the spices soak (or marinate as is the case) for 65 days.

2. Reason #2 dates back to the war in 1965 where the army men needed something quick and easy to eat and eventually settled on dry and spice boneless chicken.

3. The third one is about a chef and some hotel in the north who used 65 dried chillies to make this dish a sizzler.

4. The last one is about the item #65 on the menu at a 'military hotel'. Back in the 50s, hotels that served non-veg in south India were scarce. Such hotels were called 'military hotels.' Since people did not know what to call this dish, they called it chicken 65.

Believable??? Your guess is as good as mine.

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