Thursday, January 24, 2008

How small things make such a huge difference.

I had a friend of mine from the place I used to work earlier, over at Google for an interview. Though this guy has worked in loads of places, he says he has never seen anything like Google. What really caught my attention was the things he found so great about Google. He loved the idea of free food... imagine free food majorly influencing employee loyalty and attracting prospective employees... yeah, thats a winner.

He found those massage chairs very attractive. I mean, no one uses them really. Personally, I feel they wreck my lower back each time I sit on them. But then, what a way of making a statement that Google cares about its employees. Apparently, this guy forgot his resume because he was coming directly from his current office after a grueling night shift. I know (from personal exp) that this can happen. The HR person was kind enough to print it out for him. She made sure he was comfortable and tried her best to reduce his anxiety. He was so influenced by all this.

Small gestures really, but they make a massive difference. As he went out, he spoke these words that actually made me write this blog entry: "I don't know if I will get through the interview, but I am certain that this day spent at Google was the best ever and I will tell everyone that this is the kind of a place to work."

Mission Accomplished. Signing off!

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