Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sudden Change!!!

Its been a funny funny day. I think I did everything differently today, all in the vain hope that it might make a difference to my karma. I was hoping this would tip my balance all the way in to the 'good' region. I use the word 'vain' because, if it was supposed to do something, it definitely hasn't.

Well, first things first, I was up way before schedule. Had to see my mom and my sis off. With them went our maid who comes from that place they went to. At work, I was generally trying to be nice. Theres this sarcastic little girl who is in my emails batch and I was nice to her too. I totally ignored everyones stupidity in the name of greater peace. Life is so much simpler this way. Lunch was completely veggie today ( hah! I can eat veg too .) Kinda felt nice eating veggie stuff. Got home to the realization that without the maid, the cooking would be left to my grandma. So, we both got down to the task. She wouldn't let me cook for some very obvious reasons. This was a lot of fun. We were bonding after a real long time. Felt good. Then I did the dishes (!!!). made sure everythings ok and taken care off and here I am, typing this massive post.

For someone, whos life is so much simpler on a daily basis, this was a massive change and a welcome one at that. Now, i'll get some shut-eye as I have to wake up rather early to get the milk ( hah hah ).

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