Saturday, January 19, 2008

Google certified AdWords Professional

I recently wrote the GAP (Google AdWords Professional) exam and managed to get through. That makes me a GAP (lol). No idea as to how this will help me though. I believe we get access to something called 'My Client Center' which helps manage multiple accounts. That would mean that I have a new interface where I can see all the accounts I have authorization to manage. Neat.

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Deepali said...

The learning center and GAP exam need a lot of upgrading.

There are soooo many new features that get released every month in adwords. The GAP should cover a lot more of the new stuff.

Not that the GAP help a lot with account management or anything but still help if at least the basics are clear because you studied them for an exam :)

Also maybe the GAP certification should expire every year now instead of being valid for 2 years because adwords really changes a lot. I mean see - no more inactive keywords (technically).

Sorry couldn't resist adding my 2 cents :)