Thursday, December 18, 2008

Your World Is Changing...

I just read and commented on a friend's blog. His post was about the ineptitude of our politicians in handling the Mumbai terror attacks. There was so much of hate and frustration in his post. This is a sentiment expressed all over the blogosphere. All of sudden, there is so much of hate, so much of sadness, and so much of frustration. At times, all this is so overwhelming. Everywhere you go, people only talk about this.

Can we have a little peace? Its not so much to ask for. All that hatred is slowly finding its way in to all of our lives. If you're not aware of it yet, I think its time you looked in to yourself and asked yourself if you're the same innocent person you were some time back. Oddly, I don't feel like changing in any way, but I can feel my world change about me. Its a disorienting feeling that leaves you with empty spaces in your heart. I'm not going to let that happen. Time for me to fix my world again.

Time to heal. Peace!

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