Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shock and Awww!

How sarcastic am I? Quite sarcastic apparently. At a recent team outing, the guys (more girls than guys really and sadly more girl-like guys than guys too) were supposed to write something each of them wished for me this Christmas. Evidently, the literary geniuses read that as something they wished I would do rather than something they wished for me. Each one of them mentioned that I ought to be less sarcastic and all. What a shit gift to receive and that too from a audience like that.

It was funny that some people thought I would change for them. I mean how asinine are they if they're going to want me to change for them. Evidently, they had their heads much farther up their a$$@$ than I had previously thought.


Jimmy said...

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Raj said...

There is no doubt that u are sarcastic but people dont know u well, u could be a real pain in ass at times.... anyway its nice to have a frnd like u.....I know u would say mutual feeling for eachother.