Sunday, June 8, 2008

Next Saturday :(

So, my sister is suddenly having to leave for the US this Saturday. I guess the word 'suddenly' does not quite apply because my dad has been going on about this for ages and she is finally getting to go. Everyone is excited about the trip. She hates being the center of attention. Now, every aunt and uncle wants to give her those vital survival tips. They make going to the US sound like she has to spend the rest of her life in Afghanistan. Poor kid.

Today, I'm going to check out the new Adlabs movie theater in Ameerpet. The guys went and decided to watch Indiana Jones. I still cant imagine why a man could be called Indiana Jones. I think that is too stupid a name for a woman, leave alone a man. Anyways, one of the few things I learned over the past few years is not to question American intelligence. I say we leave them be and go watch a 50 year old wannabe Lara Croft do his thing. Amen t'that.

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