Friday, July 3, 2009


His dreams were broken
their fragments scattered.
Bent down to pick them up
and he realized,
they were now pieces of another puzzle.

He closed his eyes,
each breath drawing in memories
of a life he once had.

He wandered around,
lost in his thoughts,
thoughts of the twilight of his emotions.

His senses grew numb
as he waited
for the darkness to take control.
His heart shuddered
at the thought of departure.

He closed his eyes
and slept deep
until the time he is called again
to be a part
of another puzzle.


Mariposa... said...

yep...and puzzle it is...we all are players ain't it...trying in vain to fit together places, failing and then starting a new one again...who knows? may be to fail again!

Saumya Goila said...

'Twilight' is pure beauty of words that you have put it in... It may be interpreted differently by each person...but the connect that everyone will make with this poem will always be the same. The connect that each will make will be the connect of beauty, sigh, smile, tears and lot of emotions and feelings gushing through each person inside.

It is a master piece to be able to express what you want to by personifying something that is not person...putting a feeling as a person is the gift that a writer can give to the world to read!.... who said you arn't a poet???

Relate this like this:
'when anyone looks at twilight in the sky'....everyone is filled with emotions and feelings....has a circle of thought, a new process of different thoughts that go through each each it is different thought and emotions... but at the end of it...each of us will stand and look at the twilight with folded arms and breathe with sigh and a smile on face.....and so to each it is different and but at the end everyone is floored by the beauty and sighs with eyes closed, a smile and folded arms cos it only feels good.....
and this is exactly what your poem has to offer to people

Take care always 'The Dreamer' :-)

The Dreamer said...

Somehow, I prefer the idea that we're just not meant to fit in to a frame. We're a never ending, forever changing puzzle...

The Dreamer said...

Saumya, I just realized that while each of us may interpret this differently because of the language, I also realize that people with different moods might interpret it differently. Someone dealing with heartbreak might see this differently when compared to someone who is happy.