Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally Alone...

Finally alone..
This was not what I wanted.
I'd give anything
to get it all back.

That one perfect minute
when the hearts intertwine
to bend to the melody
of the soul.

It ended so fast,
as if by a mysterious force.
Little did I know
such forces flow freely in me.

And, now I sit quietly,
gazing in to the sunset,
the strong scent of a cigarette
invading my senses,
I quietly watch the smoke melt away.

I cant help but stare,
wondering why I am here
and not with her.
Wonders of the heart
will never cease to be,
emotions running wild,
I try to see where I went wrong.

I realize for the first time
the fault lies within me,
at the core of my very being.
Close my eyes and breathe deep,
I try to make peace with my demons,
and bare my heart bravely
to the ravages of heartbreak.


The Wandering Minstrel said...

umm, tell me if i shud shout mush again or just come ask u why u dont move on. demons? we all have them. if u recognize urs, like i think u do, well then, ur still above them arent u? dont be so harsh. especially on urself. and this response is for the person who felt all those words in the post. not necessarily the AJ i know :P

The Dreamer said...

Yeah well.. I look at this as a part of the process of moving on. To tell you the truth, I suck at moving on. I think that the mush and these kind of posts will stop the day I move on. A kind of a gage I guess.

Raj said...

WTF....U never talked about it...dude u need serious company of people like me :).