Wednesday, November 26, 2008

India beat England 5-0

India won! We've now beaten England 5-0 in the seven match series. Dhoni and Raina steadied the innings towards the end after the brilliant start by Sehwag and Tendulkar. We cruised to victory easily. One would wonder if there could be anything that could mar such a happy occasion. Apparently there is something.

The match being telecast on Neo Cricket was constantly interrupted to show ads. They would not only show ads between overs but even if there was a replay or if a third umpire decision was pending. Any little free time and you'd see an ad. Most of the time, the ads would be shown till the very last moment and we'd be taken back to be shown the main shot after which another ad would be shown. This is worst example of unprofessional advertising means employed by any ad agency.

Neo Cricket is supposed to be a channel dedicated to Cricket and is supposed to be for Cricket lovers. The blatant misuse of their advertising rights shows us that money takes precedence over morals. I hope that this channel is not given anymore exclusive broadcasting rights.

P.S. I am super happy that India is rocking now!!!

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