Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trip to Vizag - Sept 08

My team at work is planning a weekend trip to Vizag in September. I think this is going to be great fun and will give an opportunity to visit what I ideally should call my 'home town.' Well, I am a Hyderabadi and all but my family from my dad's side comes from Vizag.

The plan is to get there on September 19, 2008 and be back on September 21, 2008. During our small holiday, we're planning to visit the various beaches like the R.K. beach and the Bimli beach. A small trip to Aruku is also on the cards. For those who dont know, Aruku Hills are famous for their incredible beauty and rich landscape. There is an Aruku valley too that is equally beautiful but the tours to Aruku Hills is extremely popular.

I also get to take one friend of mine along. No prizes for guessing who thats gonna be. Told Liz about this and she seemed to think that this may not be such a great idea because the monsoons take a longer time to get done with in the coastal areas. But then again, rains are what will make our trip to Vizag even more memorable. I wont need to carry a camera and all this time as Srikanth will be along too. The guys got a camera and a video camera. There'll be no dearth of pictures :) I wish I could have taken Raj (the jackass writing silly anonymous comments) along too. :D

I have some pics of the place too. My internet connection at home does not have the bandwidth to upload all those images. Will upload them tomorrow (or today actualy as it is 12:30 AM).


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