Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In-Dependence Day!

6 P.M. I'm sitting in my cab with my windows rolled up and the A.C. turned on at full blast at the insistence of the lady sitting in the rear seat. Shifting uncomfortably in those rigid seats, my gaze fell on this little five or six year old girl running from car to car asking people to buy the miniature national flags.

The irony of it all struck me suddenly. This poor child who should be studying and playing was out in one of Hyderabad's busiest junctions, inhaling harmful gases, and trying to earn some extra money for some ungrateful slobs who find child labor acceptable. The sweetheart stood at my window trying to gaze through the darkened film hoping to land a sale. I ended up buying two flags. I don't feel inclined to help people who beg but I felt incredibly lost this time around.

I couldn't figure out who I felt more sorry for. Was I sorry for this poor child and for problems? Or was I sorry for the plight of this nation which after more than sixty years of independence and having young people as a dominant fraction of its population still had small children begging on the street?

This independence day, will these children sing the national anthem? Will they get to have some sweets and get to have the day to themselves? A more probable possibility is that they will be right there at the same traffic halt begging for money. Whos responsible for all this? I keep listening to people blaming the government for this: "If TDP was still in power, these kids would not have been begging. What has the Congress done for them?" The same arguments are made about the TDP when they're in power. When does it end?

I can't blame anyone but myself. Each one of us need to look in to our hearts to find the love for these people. Do your thing for these kids. Do whatever little you can and do it wholeheartedly. Kindness always finds its way back to you. Till then, penny for your thoughts.


Shreyans Mehta said...

We all need to stand up and do our bit. That will automatically create the movement. It always starts with 'I'.

This write touched me a lot. Now, lets do something about this!

Aj said...

The main problem with this is that the more people you rehabilitate, there are thousands more on the streets. Sometimes, all this can get a little too overwhelming.