Wednesday, May 21, 2008

En Route to Singapore...

Finally, after all the drama at the airport, we finally get on to the plane. Bye Bye Hyderabad. I don't think I'll miss you that much. So, we're on to a Singapore Airlines plane. It is supposed to be their new A380s. These planes are rather cramped. And for some sad reason I was being called 'Polisetty' and I always was mistaken for being a vegetarian and I get the middle seat ... ALWAYS!!! Bloddy travel agency always screws up. So, they have this nice miniature TV screen for watching movies and all. After the excitement wore down (it took nearly half an hour,) the nightmare began. They came and served us what they called food.

The only edible thing in all that was the bun and butter. So, I quietly eat up whatever I could and politely ask the air hostess to remove the plate as it was really cramped in there and I couldn't reach for the damned remote to change the channel or at least shut the damn thing off. She gives me big Singaporean smile, white teeth and no eyes and all, and says she'll do that right away and comes back TWO hours later to clear the plate. So you see, service was pathetic. Unfortunate stuff to happen right at the very beginning.

But then, we reached Singapore. :D Here we go, our ride begins here!