Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Illusion and Reality

People say I have changed. Have I? Or has their perspective changed? I know one thing for sure. Awkwardly at first and confidently thereafter, I have started to appreciate people and have learned to like them for the good they have in them. With joy and happiness, I'd say that the healing has started.

A friend of mine at work says that she doesn't like me as much anymore. Could it be because I am a lot quieter. I hope that these people don't perceive my silence for arrogance. I am just a lot more introspective. Another friend of mine feels that I have become more caring and understanding. She thinks I have changed for the better. This has left me confused. Who has changed here?

Change is inevitable as is the change of perspective. Do I justify myself to anyone? Should I care for an incorrect opinion? Is it my place to influence decisions? If I have inadvertently done so, what is the remedy? Shouldn't I have the answers to all these questions? How do you justify illusions? How do you define reality?

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