Saturday, April 4, 2009


There are these odd days when nothing seems to happen to you but a whole lot happens everywhere around you. It is intriguing that on closer introspection, what happens around you is somehow closely related to you. Why do what people say affect me? Actually they don't... not very much at least. I now see that people are saying only things that affect me. Odd right? The problem is in me. I'm making them say these things. Nope I am not telepathic now (I wish).

I have filled myself with so much negativity that I twist situations to suit that frame of mind. I feel sad when I see beggars on the streets and I wish I could do something. I have the same feeling of despair when I watch extremists impose their will on the weak and defenseless. I am most miserable when I see children begging for money to satisfy their hunger, not knowing that there is a life beyond ensuring that there is dinner. But what I don't see is that there are situations that are not as bad as I make them out to be. What I seem to forget is that I have in me the possibility of making things better.

My feelings influenced the mood in this case. Its time to let their feelings influence me. I give the beggars some food and their faces light up like the fireworks at New Year. Didn't that make a difference? In a small way... it did! Small incidents like this are helping me drive the negativity out. Its time for a little more balance. Its time for healing! Finally, after so long, I think there is a way out!

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The Wandering Minstrel said...

nice. i like and a dollar for your thoughts :)