Saturday, October 27, 2007

Eragon- The Game.

I got done playing a game based on the movie Eragon which in turn is based on the first book of the inheritance trilogy, written by Christopher Paolini. The game, released in the November of 2006, is a third-person combat game with a few occasional episodes where we get to ride Saphira, the dragon.

The game is easy to play and the combat system is hassle free. The levels are easy to cross and a average gamer could easily finish the game in 6-8 hours based on his speed and usage of in-game objects and magic. The game's storyline is poor and can't be expected to be entertaining for long. The levels involve loads of fighting and maneuvering which are not too difficult.

Check this video I found in YouTube :

For the everyday gamer this is not interesting fare. I'd rate this at being between 4-5/10. Hopefully the next installment shall show some promise.

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