Thursday, September 6, 2007


Meet my pals from Dell. Haven't gotten some in yet because I could not find the pics but will add them soon.

Meet Varun a.k.a. Cujo alias Doggie. He was my mentor and the coolest guy I've met in Dell. He was a walking encyclopedia on music and technology. Apart from ogling at his chick( ;) ) , we'd have virtual arguments and brainstorming sessions on IM. The guy would just sit and drown into Wikipedia and just go on reading. I guess thats where I got my reading habit. Never met anyone more fun than him. Remember a cool incident. After having a party, Vidyut took him to an auto ( he was sloshed) after helping him cross the road. This bugger turns around and tells him, " Dude, whos gonna help you cross the road? Let me come." Needless to say, Vid gave him a nice whack and made him sit in the auto. Laziest bum I've met (beats me hollow.) and has some crazy and meaningful ideas spewing out.
Now, we have Ananya 'Brain' Neelakantam. He ranks among the smartest people I've ever met. When he first came in, people thought he was a girl and many (read Dill! ) were sorely disappointed. He'd never open his mouth in meetings and when he would he'd have people squirming for shelter. Ex: During training some senior area manager asked him, " Why Dell?" and pat came the reply, "Why not Dell?". Hmm.. poor guy didn't know what to say. I think this guy is a genius in his own way.

Meet Solomon mama. This one is a silent firecracker. You should be bloody careful about what you'd say about him. His return comment could make you feel like a load of crap. Apart from browsing through pages and sifting through matrimonials, he'd keep a watch on who was doing what( on Avaya ). Smart bugger. Turns out he's still in Dell ( made of tougher material). this guy used to watch all of our backs. Well, Dell's lucky to have him.

Audience!!! Please meet 'Panchesh'. He is known in the real world as Bapi. We'd just spend all our time in the cab imagining our movie plans and deciding how many actresses we'd want and what their role would be (lol). The bloke looks young but (trade secret) is close to 26. We'd try our best getting our butts out of work as quickly as possible. In fact, we could have started an online course on 'How to hoodwink CCOD'. this dude rocks!

Awrite, next up is our very own Ghantesh! His sense of humor is the most unique I've ever seen. We'd laugh our brains out in the cab. He'd sit for hours on calls ( that we were not supposed to handle in the first place ) and deliver the best (!!) customer experience. he had unique names for all of us. I think he used to call me 'chick' which was what Bapi would call me. Listening to radio Mirchi was the only chanel we could listen to if he was in the cab.

This is Saif. Used to be my Tech Support Specialist. In our words, he was 'Safe' Asim. The poor fellow always worked beyond and more leaving him like this in sessions. An amazingly friendly guy who cares about everyone all the time ( except early morning when the bugger would never be ready on time; not to mention keeping the whole house up while he'd make calls to the transport ;) ). Loads of fun eh??

Meet Vidyut. This fellow is all for bashing up anyone he can get his hands on. The dude is crazy about bikes and speed, and not to mention food. Don't ever offer a treat. You'll end up burning a hole right through your pocket. This dude cares a lot for his pals and is loads of fun to hang out with. heres one crackpot I'll miss a lot.


sri said...

Awesome one ... Looks like a Introduction to the Story .. Hats Off ..

Solo Man said...

hey chick, tis me Sol, nice dude gud to c ur comments. Well, try to meet up sometime.....