Friday, July 20, 2007


I've just joined Google. I've just gone through a major cultural jump. This place is like the college of our dreams. Everything is so much fun. But, what took me by surprise is that, in Google, work is fun. I have made some very good friends here. While I was in Dell, I had some real close pals like Cujo and Bapi and I was very apprehensive about joining this place.
Day 1 kickstarted with the induction where I met some real good pals. There were a few I made friends with very easily. People of different age groups and cultures, coming from different work environments and some who have never worked before gelling so well and like a team was a real cool sight.
Well, am just chillin' out and having a blast. Enjoying every moment of being a Noogler. Google Rocks!!!


varun said...

Nice to see you having fun kid! Well deserved I must add..!Oh and wat happened to "My ps3 kicks Ur Mama's butt?"? Mebbe u gotta post ur dilemma to the janta???!!! Oh! and guess who's gonna add another shitty page to blogspot very soon?!!!

A D SRIKANTH said...

sir i have appplied for internship , search engine evaluator through google jobs page but i haven't got a reply yet
could you pls guide me
thank you